Jul 6, 2011

Bargain Alert: The Prisoner Blu-ray For Just $25!
UPDATE: Missed it by that much.

Sadly, as of last week, I no longer get even the meager kickback I used to receive from items bought on Amazon through this site thanks to a new California law. (Thus robbing me of the one tiny bit of compensation I got for all the time I spend on this blog. Those Google ads earn next to nothing!) But, gripes aside, that won't stop me from pointing out a good spy deal when I see one! Right now, Amazon has A&E's Blu-ray of The Prisoner: The Complete Series for just twenty-five bucks! That's an amazing deal! And even though I don't think that the high def transfers, meticulous as they are, are worth the upgrade alone, the wealth of special features on these discs (ported over from Network's fabulous Region 2 set) make Blu-ray the clear choice over standard-def DVD for this seminal ITC show.

UPDATE: Whoops! The deal's already over. It was just one of those 24-hour things.

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Jason Whiton said...

it was on sale for about a week, you must have caught it at the end :( i posted an announcement on spy vibe.
i've seen the set on sale a lot, so i'll email you a heads up next time.
-jason (spy vibe)