Jul 29, 2011

Tradecraft: Allen and Finney Reprise Bourne Roles

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Joan Allen and Albert Finney are in negotiations to join Jeremy Renner, Edward Norton, Rachel Weisz and Oscar Isaac in Tony Gilroy's franchise spin-off The Bourne Legacy for Universal. Allen will once again play CIA operative Pamela Landy, a role she played in the last two Bourne films. Finney will reprise his Bourne Ultimatum role of Dr. Albert Hirsch, the head of the Agency's controversial Treadstone program, which essentially brainwashed volunteers into being perfect assassins. Gilroy co-wrote the first three Bourne movies, based on the character created by Robert Ludlum. The character of Bourne himself (revealed in the last film to actually be former special forces soldier David Webb) will not appear in this entry, which instead focuses on another Treadstone agent played by Renner.

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