Aug 16, 2011

Person of Interest Extended Trailer

A Yahoo! Fall TV Preview today just called my attention to a video that's been out there since May, but I hadn't seen before. Here's an extended preview for J.J. Abrams' new CBS series Person of Interest, about an ex-CIA agent (The Prisoner's Jim Caviezel) recruited by a reclusive billionaire (Lost's Michael Emerson) to use his unique skills to wage a private war on crime, Equalizer-style. The duo are aided by access to an ECHELON-like database of all the security camera footage in New York and a computer designed to detect patterns in the footage that predict crime. If that set-up sounds familiar, you're probably recalling a similar situation from the third act of Christopher Nolan's Batman opus The Dark Knight, and that's not a coincidence. Person of Interest was written and co-produced by Jonathan Nolan (Christopher's brother), one of The Dark Knight's screenwriters. I think it looks pretty awesome, and fortunately Caviezel looks much better in this preview than he was in that laughable Prisoner remake. Person of Interest debuts Thursday, September 22 on CBS.

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