Aug 18, 2011

Johnny English Reborn American Campaign Kicks Off With New Trailer

At last, we have an official U.S. release date for the Rowan Atkinson spy sequel Johnny English Reborn: October 28. So we don't have to wait too long! The domestic campaign kicked off today with a brand new trailer for American audiences (complete with American Trailer Voice), a new one-sheet (basically the same as the international one, but with a better tagline and a gun flag added, no doubt to make it look sillier) and some new stills. We've seen most of the footage before, but there are a few new gags and overall it plays much better than the last one we saw. (Though the chair gag, which still cracks me up, was funnier in the first one without that added sound effect.) As far as spy spoof sequels go, personally I'm a lot more excited for this one than I could ever be for the recently rumored new installment of Austin Powers. Roll on, October 28! Check out the cool new trailer on Apple.

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