Aug 8, 2011

A Rare Interview With Spy Novelist Anthony Price

The blog Existential Ennui has scored an extensive interview with cult British spy author Anthony Price, the man behind the David Audley series of novels. I'm familiar with the character only through the 1980s Granada television adaptations starring Terrance Stamp—adaptations Price makes clear in the interview that he holds in very low regard! (I rather like them, myself, but then I haven't read the books.) This interview, combined with blogger Nick Jones' other writings about Price's novels, convinced me to order Price's first book, The Labyrinth Makers, last week—and it's already arrived from England this morning! I'm looking forward to reading it. Perhaps you'll have the same reaction after reading Jones' interview—or perhaps you're already a fan of the novels, and will thus be elated to read what Jones touts as the first ever interview with Price made widely available on the web. Read Part 1 of Jones' Anthony Price interview here, and Part 2 here. Then stick around the blog and check it out; it looks like quite a cool place!

The series of books revolving around David Audley and his colleagues (beginning with The Labyrinth Makers, The Alamut Ambush and Colonel Butler's Wolf) spans almost twenty years and nearly as many books. The aforementioned TV series went by the name Chessgame on ITV, but was later cut up and bundled into three individual TV movies now available in America as budget DVDs: Cold War Killers, The Alamut Ambush and The Deadly Recruits.

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