Sep 24, 2012

Dr. No Back on the Big Screen Tonight, For One Night Only!

Nearly fifty years after Dr. No first opened, James Bond fans in America have the opportunity to see the movie that started it all on the big screen once again, for one night only. Tonight, AMC Cinemas across the country will show James Bond's big screen debut, starring Sean Connery. Find out which theaters near you are playing it and get tickets on AMC's website. Also, attending fans will receive a free James Bond 50th Anniversary print while supplies last!


Bob said...

Unfortunately, St Louis did not get the film. There are only a couple of AMC theaters left in St Louis.

I did get to see the film on the big screen as a double feature with FRWL, when I was a young lad. They brought the films back to the theaters after the success of Goldfinger. Ah, those were the days.

Anonymous said...

I missed it too! Saw it with FRWL in approx. 1970. Then a year or so later the triple 007 billed as "Spend The Evening With James Bond". That's DN, FRWl & G!!! I have the best big brother that let me tag along!
I would love to see what last night's free DN poster looks like. VIVA TANNER!

Tanner said...

Well, both of your experiences sound like better memories than last night's showing! Not that there was anything wrong with AMC's presentation. In fact, I have to admit that the digital projection looked great, and the picture was nearly as good as the dye-transfer technicolor print I saw at the Egyptian back around 2001 or 2002. Well, OK, it was probably better in terms of being pristine, but digital will never be the equal of film to me when it comes to watching a movie in a theater. But Dr. No did look good. The poster they gave out wasn't a Dr. No print, as it turned out (though there was a special version of the original US 1-sheet up in the theater); it was a version of the "Golden Girl" 50th Anniversary artwork, the same mini-poster given out at Comic-Con this year and no doubt all over Ebay: