Sep 10, 2012

Tradecraft: Universal Plots a Second Safe House

Normally, I'm totally behind any and all new spy movies. There are very few that I don't look forward to, even if some of them end up letting me down. But according to Deadline, Universal's managed to find one that really doesn't need to be made: a sequel to this year's Safe House. That's right, the bland Bourne imitation that killed off the only remotely interesting character, thus rendering any sequel pretty pointless unless it cops out and undoes the events of the first film. (Which would also be dissatisfying.) And which then had the primary remaining character make a kind of idiotic decision that further precludes any sort of sequel. But I'm sure they'll come up with something since the first film managed to make a buck off of audiences who fell for that poster, which recycled imagery from The Bourne Ultimatum. They've hired David Guggenheim, who penned the first flick, to give it a try, anyway.

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