Sep 29, 2015

Teaser: The Prisoner Audio Drama from Big Finish

Big Finish have released a teaser for their first set of original audio dramas based on The Prisoner. But in the tradition of the classic Sixties TV show, it's rather enigmatic. Per their own Facebook page: "Today, we’re being as cryptic as the original series. We’re not announcing the casting, but we’re giving you the opportunity to hear some of them and to see them in this great bit of artwork by Tom Webster. We're re-imagining the original 1967 TV series. It isn't a continuation. We've ‘recreated’ it from the very beginning (and, hopefully, one day, until the end). It’s different, but it’s very much in the spirit of the original. So, it’s something old and something new. Our aim is to make you fall in love with this tremendous series all over again." Hm. Well, I love the artwork... though I can't identify the actor filling Patrick McGoohan's shoes as Number 6. Can you? If so, please comment! (And please explain why he isn't wearing a turtleneck!) I have to be honest: I'm a little disappointed he's not doing more of a Patrick McGoohan impression in the audio. Of course I want him to add his own spin, but I would have at least liked McGoohan's unique cadence in his delivery. But I'm sure I'll quickly get used to the new Number 6 in the course of the audio dramas. Pre-order the first set from Big Finish today.

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