Mar 7, 2011

James Bond In Drag

See Daniel Craig as James Bond in a new video now, without waiting for Bond 23 in 2012!  Recalling the denoument of Cyril Connolly's spoof "Bond Strikes Camp," Daniel Craig has dressed in drag to support women's equality for International Women's Day 2011 in the short promotional piece "Equals?," directed by Craig's friend Sam Taylor Wood.  Of course there's nothing unusual about an actor using his clout to support a good cause.  What's kind of unusual about this is that he's doing so in character, with Judi Dench playing M and addressing 007 in voiceover.  Therefore it's not merely Craig, but Bond himself who returns in drag later in the scene!  I've got to say, I think it's brilliant using James Bond to promote women's equality.  I wouldn't be surprised if Barbara Broccoli had something to do with this piece as well, at least sweeping aside any copyright issues. It's a very cool video and I respect Craig for making it.  Learn more about International Women's Day at

Thanks to Josh for the alert on this one!

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David said...

My only issue with this is that it kind of relies on Bond's rep (infamy?) as a womanizer, and so far I don't see Craig's version that way at all. On the other hand, if they'd put Roger Moore in a dress, it would have set an entirely different tone, wouldn't it?