Mar 4, 2011

Sony MOD Titles in Great Deep Discount Sale

Deep Discount is having an amazing sale this month on Sony's made-on-demand 
DVD-Rs, the "Columbia Classics" series.  (Their version of the Warner Archive.) That includes such Sixties spy essentials as Otley, Duffy, The Executioner and The Deadly Affair, along with earlier spy titles like Assignment Paris and Man On a String.  It doesn't seem to include this week's new release of Hammerhead, unfortunately. But the titles on sale are just $11.96, as opposed to the regular twenty bucks! It's a really good opportunity to stock up... which is just what I'm going to do!  The sale lasts all month, until noon on March 31.

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dfordoom said...

I grabbed Duffy while they had it on sale. A wonderful slice of 60s style (and madness). And the disc plays quite successfully in both of my Mac's DVD drive so my fears that it might not play in a computer DVD drive seem to have been unfounded.