Mar 6, 2011

Upcoming Spy-Related DVDs: Patrick Macnee in Love Story: Volume One

This post isn't about the sweet love story that is older than the sea that Shirley Bassey sings about.  Not that Love Story.  Love Story was also the name of a TBC anthology series that aired in the UK from 1963 to 1974 and starred, in any given episode (er, "play"), the illustrious likes of Patrick Macnee, Gerald Harper (Adam Adamant Lives!) and Alexis Kanner (The Prisoner). Writers included The Avengers' Brian Clemens, as well as, oddly, Roman Polanski, and Peter Collinson (The Italian Job) was among the directors.  And in October, Network will release Love Story: Volume One on DVD in Britain.  The Region 2 PAL 2-disc set will include a selection of eight episodes from between '63 and '73, and will retail for £19.99, though it can currently be pre-ordered on for just £14.99.  According to the IMDb, Macnee appeared in three episodes between 1963 and '64, though I don't believe any of them were written by Clemens.  There's no word yet on which ones will be included in this set, but (as the cover indicates) it definitely contains at least one featuring our man Steed!

I'm duty-bound to report on (and inevitably acquire and watch!) any DVD with Patrick Macnee, but this will not be the best non-Avengers Macnee vehicle available from Network.  That honor belongs to the extremely entertaining Mister Jerico, my review of which can be found here.


night person said...

Is there any news or movement on The Avengers on BluRay?

Anonymous said...

I remember watching the LOVE STORY plays when they first screened on the tv, years ago. To be honest, they probably won't greatly appeal - as you might imagine - to readers of this particular blog:-)

They are well written and acted plays though, with some famous British names in the casting. But frankly, this isn't one DVD I'd rush out for.

Thanks for the reminder about MISTER JERICHO though - must get that one!

Tanner said...

Yeah, I'm sure this one won't be a rush out and buy for most people. But there are certain spy stars - including Macnee and Rigg - for whom I feel obligated to report on any rare DVD release! Personally, I'd be happier to see Patrick's episodes turn up as bonus features on an Optimum Avengers release like The Importance of Being Earnest or The Hothouse, but I'll take my Macnee doses however I can get them!

No, Night Person, I'm afraid I haven't heard anything about Avengers Blu-rays in a while. There was an listing when Optimum started these reissues, but it never materialized.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering why is takes a year to issue a dvd of this material. Is there some copyright consideration? I have been on the lookout for a few years for any Jeremy Kemp performances.Being in the USA put me at a distinct disadvantage. Any suggestions?

Unknown said...

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