Mar 29, 2011

Tradecraft: Jack Ryan's Return Delayed Again

Somewhat unsurprisingly (given the long and troubled history of this reboot), Deadline reports that the wait will be even longer before we see Chris Pine's Jack Ryan in action. Just last month we heard that Steve Zaillian, the Oscar-winning screenwriter who worked on both Harrison Ford Jack Ryan movies, would tackle the problematic script for Paramount's reboot of the Tom Clancy series starring Pine.  Well, according to the trade blog, Zaillian has changed his mind and is moving on.  So the writing gig is up for grabs again, and the studio doesn't have a script they're happy with in time to film this spring, as planned.  Which means that Pine will have to move on to the Star Trek sequel scheduled to shoot in the fall before he gets his turn as Clancy's famous CIA analyst and future President.  In the interim, it's possible that director Jack Bender (Lost) might move on as well.  (And who could blame him?)  The project supposedly remains a priority for franchise-hungry Paramount, however, and is merely delayed, not dead in the water.

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