Jun 25, 2011

Canadian Spy Sitcom InSecurity Renewed For Season 2

TV-eh reports (via The Medium is Not Enough) that the Canadian spy sitcom we heard about earlier this year, InSecurity, has been picked up by CBC for a second season—despite some pretty negative reviews.  Production begins next month for a fall airing.  According to the press release, "In Season 2 of InSecurity, NISA agent Alex Cranston and her team of spies juggle dates, terrorists, parents and security threats. It’s tough being a spy when your worst enemy is yourself. Season 2 hits that funny, messy and unpredictable intersection between the spy world and everyday life."  In the meantime, the first season will be repeated this summer.  There's been no DVD announcement yet, which is too bad, because despite the negative buzz I want to be able to give this series a try!

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