Jun 6, 2011

Tradecraft: More Salt For Jolie

Though it seemed inevitable from the film’s ending that wasn’t an ending at all (and from its box office success), Deadline reports that a sequel to Salt is finally officially underway. Kurt Wimmer, who penned the first film (originally written for a man—at one point, Tom Cruise), has been hired to write a follow-up for Sony Pictures. As long as she’s happy with the script he comes up with, Angelina Jolie is reportedly keen to do another Salt movie. One key creative force unlikely to be involved, however, is director Phillip Noyce, who revealed last December that he felt that between the three (radically) different cuts available on the DVD and Blu-ray, he’s said everything he has to say on the subject of Evelyn Salt. That’s too bad, because I thought Noyce’s low-key, old-school action direction was the most appealing aspect of Salt. Personally, I hope the sequel feels more like the relatively grounded, action-heavy first half of the original film, and less like the way over-the-top conspiracy-laden second half.

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