Jun 27, 2011

Paul Haggis to Pen Gabriel Allon Spy Movie?

Way back in 2007 we heard that Universal had acquired Daniel Silva's series of spy novels about former Mossad agent (and Munich avenger) Gabriel Allon and tapped Pierre Morel, then known only for directing District B13 and shooting the first two Transporter movies, to helm. Obviously Morel went on to make a spy name for himself with Taken and From Paris With Love, but his take on Allon seems to have fallen apart. Then in April of this year Deadline reported new movement on the property at Universal, with former NBC topper Jeff Zucker on board to produce. Now The LA Times' 24 Frames blog (via MI6) reports that two-time James Bond screenwriter Paul Haggis (Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace) is in talks to write the first movie in the potential franchise, probably drawing from Silva's first Allon book, The Kill Artist. According to the newspaper's Steven Zeitchik, "it's possible Haggis would also direct it, but one of the sources said that the project is in early development and that any decision on a director would be much further off." As a director, Haggis is best known for the Oscar-winning Crash. Silva's most recent Allon book is The Rembrandt Affair; another, Portrait of a Spy, is due next month. (The titles reflect Allon's cover as an art restorer.) It's possible that Haggis will draw from multiple books in crafting the inaugural Allon film.


Steve said...

I can't recommend the Gabriel Allon series highly enough for fans of serious spy fiction. They are full of tradecraft, real espionage, genuine mystery, nail-biting suspense, and great action sequences. Best of all, their emphasis is on spying, not wall to wall action and mayhem. But when the action happens, it's realistic, brutal and edge of your seat. Highest recommendations!

Tanner said...

Thanks, Steve! I haven't read any of them, so I appreciate the recommendation. Do you have to start at the beginning, or do you recommend diving in with a particular favorite? I guess I'll have to check this series out!

Steve said...

Personally I found the first book to be good, but Silva didn't truly find his groove until the second book, "The English Assassin." However, I recommend them all. If you start with "The Kill Artist" and like it, be assured they only get better and better! While I did read them in order, and have pre-ordered the newest already, it is not critical to read them that way, although there is connective tissue from book to book. However, "Moscow Rules" and "The Defector" are really one big epic story told in two parts and should be read in sequence.