Jan 26, 2012

Lockout U.S. Trailer

Luc Besson and his partners take their neo-Eurospy nonsense to outer space in Lockout. Yeah, I know; this is pretty much straight sci-fi, so what's it doing on a spy blog?

1. Because despite the outer space setting, the hero (played by Guy Pearce) is still a secret agent. And, better still, "He's the best there is... but he's a loose cannon."

2. Because it clearly embodies the same anything-goes gonzo enthusiasm as Besson's more down-to-earth neo-Eurospy movies, like From Paris With Love and the Transporter movies.

3. Because it looks utterly awesome.

We saw an extended trailerish featurette a few weeks ago here, and there's also this international trailer which contains some different one-liners from the American one:

Lockout opens April 20 in the United States.


Bob said...

I saw this trailer about a week ago. I can't help thinking this looks like Escape From New York in outerspace.

Tanner said...

I know, totally!

Wait... I mean that as a GOOD thing. Do you?

Simes said...

Yes, I agree. It looks great and I believe it's inclusion in the blog is absolutely justified. Escape from New York crossed with space. Can't be bad :-)