Jan 17, 2012

Tradecraft: Fox Orders Pilot for The Asset

Last August, we heard that Fox had bought a pitch from Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles producer Josh Friedman called The Asset. Now Deadline reports that Fox has ordered up a pilot. This is the next step along the road to your television sets, but certainly not the last. If the network likes the pilot, then hopefully they'll order it to series... and then you'll see it on TV next fall. All we know about the show is that it's described as "a character-driven drama set in the New York office of the CIA, which centers on a female agent." I still think The Asset is a great title, but I also still want to know what the cool twist is that differentiates this female-driven spy show from Covert Affairs and Alias! And I know there must be such a differentiating twist, or else Fox wouldn't have ordered the pilot and Josh Friedman wouldn't have pitched it to begin with. I would have thought it would behoove Fox to include whatever sets this show apart in their early press releases, but of course I'll be tuning in if this show makes it to the air no matter what...

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