Mar 12, 2012

Tradecraft: Homeland Returns September 30

Deadline reports that Showtime has set a premiere date for the second season of Homeland: September 30 at 10pm. I'm marking my calendar already. That probably indicates that the Season 1 DVDs and Blu-rays, currently available for pre-order on Amazon but still unscheduled, will come out some time in the month preceding the premiere. And if you haven't seen Homeland, not only is the DVD worth watching; it's actually worth subscribing to Showtime to see the series live! Simply put, Homeland is amazing. I truly believe it's the best dramatic spy series since The Sandbaggers in the Seventies (or since Smiley's People if you count miniseries). Seriously, it's that good, and if you like your spies in a more realistic vein, it's a must-see. I can't believe how spoiled we are with quality spy shows right now. Between Homeland and Archer, we've got the best spy drama since the Seventies and the best spy comedy ever (yeah, it beats Get Smart) on cable right now. How cool is that? All we need now is a great new escapist spy series, in the vein of The Avengers or Mission: Impossible, to complete the trifecta...

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