Apr 30, 2012

Watch Eurospy Movies from Dorado Online in Their Entirety - for Free!

Dorado Films, the DVD genre specialists who introduced several great Eurospy movies to North American home video audiences over the last several years, are now streaming some of their titles on YouTube for free! (See all the YouTube "screeners" currently available here.) Besides a title included in their essential DVD box set How Europe Does BABES, BOMBS, and GUNS, but never released on its own (Elektra 1), these online screeners also include two highly sought-after Ken Clark titles yet to see DVD release: Tiffany Memorandum (1967) and The Fuller Report (1968). Clark does not reprise his Special Mission Lady Chaplin/From the Orient with Fury/Mission Bloody Mary character of "Dick Malloy, Agent 077" in these movies, but instead plays a pair of amateurs caught up in international espionage (a journalist in the former, and a race car driver in the latter). Both films are directed by Sergio Grieco, and both are well worth watching! In fact, watch them a few times, leave comments, and tell your friends. Dorado is using these YouTube screeners to measure the demand for these films. If these Eurospy titles get a lot of views online, then Dorado will know that it's worth investing in the titles to produce high quality, widescreen DVDs. (The screener versions are watermarked fullscreen TV prints from 1" broadcast tapes.) So take advantage of Dorado's generosity and sample their library for free, and at the same time let them know you like these Eurospy titles and that you want to see more! It's a win/win scenario for fans and the distributor alike!

You can also stream Dorado's widescreen releases of Mission Bloody Mary and From the Orient with Fury on Amazon.

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dfordoom said...

I certainly hope they decide to release more titles on DVD. In the meantime this is better than nothing.