Dec 5, 2012

Skyfall Becomes the Highest Grossing Movie of All Time in Britain

Deadline reports that Skyfall surpassed Avatar yesterday to become the UK's highest grossing movie of all time. That's pretty impressive! In 40 days of release, it's earned £94,277,612, or $151,795,059, in the United Kingdom. The 23rd James Bond film has earned more than $245 million so far at the U.S. box office, and more than $870 million worldwide, all of which makes it a massive hit. The press has been calling it the biggest Bond ever, but since they're not adjusting for inflation, that's really not true. Thunderball was even bigger in 1965! (In 2012 dollars, it did pass $1 billion.) But Skyfall's making a mint, and has a chance at crossing the elusive billion dollar mark globally. In the global market, however, it should be noted that it's nowhere near Avatar's record of $2.8 billion.


The Suits Of James Bond said...

Skyfall deserve that type of business. All the crew members of the film done appreciating efforts to make it a massive hit. That why It done such a well business is united kingdom.
Alex Edward from

DTG Reviews said...

Not the best JB movie ever, but highly entertaining and far from the worst. Daniel Craig continues to the best Bond since Sean Connery, in my opinion.