May 8, 2007

The Bourne Files

As previously reported, Universal will release a set of both previous Jason Bourne movies to promote this summer's The Bourne Ultimatum. The set will be called The Bourne Files, and now DVDActive has scored several detailed pictures of the elaborate packaging. I really like the overall design, and I'm impressed that Universal Home Video bothered to get creative with a quickie cash-in repackaging like this. But I can't help but wish they'd gone just a tiny bit further to make it really cool. If they'd only used some good stills from the movies instead of the original DVD artwork for those "photographs" on the "file," it would look like less of a rush job but could still be as dynamic as they wanted... Sigh. Oh well. This is still some pretty neat packaging. As I mentioned before, a third bonus disc will include the intriguingly aurhor-centric new extras "The Ludlum Supremacy", "The Ludlum Ultimatum" and "Who Was Robert Ludlum?" Retail will be just $22.98, making this a good buy for anyone who doesn't yet have the movies...

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