May 31, 2007

New Bond-related Novel

New James Bond website K1Bond007 (whose first three posts so far have all been insightful and well worth reading) has noticed a book that slipped through the cracks for all the big Bond sites. (And frankly the publisher, Touchstone, who created a pretty snazzy website to promote the book, should have seen to it that such sites got the press release way back when. Bond fans will be their bread and butter for this title!) First-time author Mitch Silver's In Secret Service is a Da Vinci Code/Historian-like take on Ian Fleming, a literary adventure driven by secrets in a hitherto unpublished (and wholly fictional, lest you get too excited!) manuscript by Ian Fleming. Sounds enticing. I'll definitely be making a trip to Borders today!

Of course, Silver isn't the first author to use Fleming in his fiction. A few years ago, Quinn Fawcett wrote a series of spy novels featuring Fleming as the protagonist, beginning with Death to Spies (an allusion any Fleming reader should get). I picked all of those up, but have yet to read any of them, so I can't really comment as to their quality. And more than a decade before him, noted mystery writer Stuart M. Kaminsky included Fleming as a character in his Murder On the Yellow Brick Road. (For some reason that one made a bigger splash with Bond collectors than the Fawcett books.)

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