May 18, 2007

Smith Lives Again?

Dark Horizons reports that there may yet be hope for the Mr. & Mrs. Smith TV show that ABC failed to pick up for its fall schedule. Apparently Regency TV, who produced the pilot, "were granted an early release" on it, which means that they are free to begin shopping it to other networks "as early as next week"! Best of all, producers Simon Kinberg and Doug Liman (writer and director of the Pitt/Jolie movie) and stars Jordanna Brewster and Martin Henderson all remain attached. So keep your fingers crossed. While all the majors have already announced their fall line-ups by now, there is a chance that one of them could pick up Smith for mid-season. There's also, of course, the chance that a cable network like HBO or FX could grab it. That might make things more interesting!

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