May 23, 2007

The Satan Bug Score Coming To CD

Film Score Monthly has announced Jerry Goldsmith's score to John Sturges' 1965 spy flick The Satan Bug as one of their newest CD releases. They're billing it as an "Archival Edition," which unfortunately means that some of the tracks include sound effects. Their feeling was basically that that's better than nothing, and I'd say they're right. The project apparently came about when thirty minutes' worth of master tapes, long thought lost, turned up in a private collection. Sadly they didn't include any of the "large-scale action cues," so FSM decided to augment the tapes with music from a surviving "music and effects" track, meaning those cues include car noises, punches, grunts, etc. Glancing at the track list, it appears to actually be relatively few tracks that feature effects, but FSM still go out of their way to make it clear what they are selling to ensure that no one is disappointed. If you're a fan of this movie or this score, it sounds like a definite must-buy.

Now... how about a DVD?

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