May 11, 2007

No Mr. & Mrs. Smith TV Show?

Aintitcool reports that ABC has not picked up the Jordana Brewster-starring Mr. & Mrs. Smith TV show from the movie's writer and director, Simon Kinberg and Doug Liman, respectively. That's too bad. I really liked the movie, and I like Jordana Brewster (although I'm not as crazy about The Ring's Martin Henderson, who was playing Mr. Smith), so I was curious to see what Kinberg and Liman had cooked up for the TV version. The Hollywood Reporter article AICN cites lists only pick-ups, not rejections, and Smith is not on the pick-up list. But that does leave the possibility that it might still in contention for a mid-season pick-up. If not, there may still be hope of seeing it one day. Unsold pilots have been turning up more and more, whether as iTunes exclusives or on DVD. I imagine Fox is eager to give the movie a triple-dip one day, and the unaired pilot would certianly make an enticing extra if they ever want fans to buy it yet again.

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