Jul 18, 2007

New UK Spy DVDs

Even though Network’s own site has gone uncharacter-istically un-updated for quite some time, cover art for two of their recent and upcoming spy-related series sets has surfaced on Amazon.co.uk. Danger Man: The Complete 50 Minute Series (due July 30) furnishes British viewers with the same fantastic complete series Americans have been enjoying for some time courtesy of A&E. The recently-issued The Zoo Gang: The Complete Series (based on a novel by Paul Gallico) details the adventures of several aging former resistance fighters in the beautiful South of France, where guest stars like Peter Cushing and Ingrid Pitt turn up. Avengers veterans Sidney Hayers and John Hough direct, and Live And Let Die tunesmiths Paul and Linda McCartney contribute the theme song. I’ve never seen this, but I hope it’s as much fun as that other 70s ITC series set largely on the Riviera, The Persuaders! Finally, Philby, Burgess and Maclean dramatizing the notorious exploits of England’s most famous Soviet spy ring, seems to have missed its July 16 release date. (No cover art available yet for that one.)

Also still no further information on the highly anticipated ITC soundtracks Network promised late last year.

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