Jun 16, 2008

Exclusive: Bond On Blu-Ray In The USA

Are you prepared to scrutinize every wrinkle on Roger Moore's face in A View To A Kill in shocking detail? Or, more tantalizingly, every droplet of water rolling down Ursula Andress' body as she emerges from the sea? Then you're in luck! While this news should come as no surprise, it's sure to bring joy to Bond fans and high-def snobs everywhere: MGM, via Fox Home Entertainment, will release all of the James Bond movies up through Die Another Day on Blu-ray Disc in two collections for Region 1 in time for the holidays (and nicely coinciding with the theatrical release of Quantum of Solace). Casino Royale, already available on Blu-ray from Sony, will not be included. More details will become available shortly.

I guess this means I'll finally have to break down and get myself a Blu-ray player come fall... (It seems like only yesterday the initial wave of Bond Special Editions forced me to first make the DVD plunge!)

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