Jun 11, 2008

New Comic Book Out Today: Night & Fog #1

Okay, so it's not really a spy comic. But it's a comic I co-wrote (my first), so I'm pretty excited, and I guess I'd be stupid not to use this forum to promote it a little bit! And, of course, I couldn't leave the spying out of it totally, so there is an espionage subplot that crops up in future issues... Mainly, though, it's a horror book. A big, exciting, military vs. monsters in a confined space, got-to-survive-till-dawn kind of thing. While I blog about spies, Hammer movies are another passion of mine, and I got to pay tribute to those with this six-issue series, albeit in a much more contemporary style and context. Basically, we try to put a modern sci-fi spin on a bunch of classic monsters: Dracula, Mr. Hyde, zombies, the Invisible Man. Throughout the series, our creature continually adapts to suit its circumstances, and each iteration owes something to one of those guys. But it all plays out in a sensibility closer to Aliens than The Curse of Frankenstein, if that makes any sense. It's a lot of fun. When I'm not Tanner here or Brisco on various forums, I sometimes go under the alias of Matthew Bradford, and I co-wrote Night & Fog with Alex Leung, while Roberto Castro supplied the awesome art for the first issue.

Published by Studio 407, Night & Fog #1 is available now in comic book stores across the country and at various online outlets as well. You can preview the book (direct link) on the Studio 407 website, or learn more about it in an interview Alex and I did with Fangoria.


Paul Bishop said...

Way cool! I'm excited for you. WIll blog about the comic when I get back from vacation!

Tanner said...

Thanks, Bish! I certainly appreciate the support!

gdeo said...

dude..i liked this book ..it was fun..cannot wait to see where it's going! Congrats!