Jun 30, 2008

Tradecraft: Prisoner Remake Cast Confirmed

The Hollywood Reporter confirms the Prisoner casting rumors that popped up online earlier this month in a story about a new remake of the Robbie Coltrane series Cracker. The print version of the story only mentions Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen in passing, and I thought they might just be repeating the rumors, but the updated online version clarifies:
The Prisoner -- a six-hour mini, which AMC is co-producing with ITV Prods. and Granada International -- is slated to premiere in 2009.

Caviezel will play the title role of Number Six, a part originally made famous by the project's creator Patrick McGoohan. Two-time Oscar nominee Ian McKellen will co-star as Number Two.

Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen bring an incredible level of talent to the project, and we're honored they are taking on these important roles, said Charlie Collier, AMC's general manager and executive vice president.
So is there really just one Number 2? All this story does is confirm McKellen's casting; it doesn't preclude further announcements. Hopefully we'll be hearing about other high-profile Number 2's in the near future. (Psst! Get Christopher Lee!) I assume McGoohan wouldn't do it, unfortunately. Speaking of him, I'm still not convinced Caviezel has the necessary gravitas to fill his shoes, but here's hoping!

Once again, this is the Prisoner TV remake, which is altogether different from the planned Christopher Nolan film remake.


Ted said...

I don't have much faith in the TV show, (Ian's great, but Jim...) Still curious to see it though.

I think the Hollywood film has a decent chance of being good. (Due to Christopher Nolan.) As long as it's not like The Avengers remake, or a generic production stripped of all the original's uniqueness.

I would have cast Roger Allam as #2 and Hugh Laurie as Number 6.

Allam's great at officious bluster, and Laurie has the intensity and proper age for an retired spy.

And the Rover should be a pure white featureless circle.

The Saint said...

Hey Tanner, I know this is the wrong forum, but I can't find your e-mail address. So, can you update the link in the side menu for "The Saint" to point to http://www.saint.org/ instead of the old blog that has now moved? I really appreciate the link, and I look forward to hearing more about the new TV Series about The Saint that Roger Moore's son is still working on getting into production!

Tanner said...

Certainly, Saint! I'll change it now. And you can find my email contact in the "About Me" section. Keep up the great work on your site!