Jun 2, 2008

Get Smart Again

I've seen Get Smart and I know it's bad, but Warners' marketing team have done such a good job with their ad campaign that I can't help get excited for it anyway. The trailers have all been great, and I really like the posters and billboards as well. Maybe I'm reading too much into them, but to me the posters with the four leads crammed together, each somehow obscuring each others' faces, is a clever parody of commonplace modern movie posters, where disembodied heads are haphazardly crammed together in a bad Photoshop montage, and might as well be blocking each other for all the thought that seems to have gone into the placement. If only the movie commented so cleverly on... anything!

Well, perhaps the direct-to-DVD spinoff, arriving at the same time as the feature, will fare better. The trailer's up now for Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control, which follows two CONTROL techies with small roles in the theatrical film in events that transpire simultaneously to Maxwell Smart's adventure. (Unfortunately, based on the DVD's awful cover, they don't seem to have the same graphic design team working on the spinoff!)

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