Jun 29, 2008

New Nick Fury Series In The Works?

I normally avoid the big company-wide comic crossover events like the plague, but I guess I should pick up the current Secret Invasion. Apparently Nick Fury, who's been in hiding for a couple of years in the mainstream Marvel Universe (whilst Iron Man leads S.H.I.E.L.D.), has made a big return in its pages, popping up in the final panel of Issue 3 with a giant gun and leading a brand new team. Today, Newsarama reports on a Marvel panel from Wizard World Chicago in which Secret Invasion writer Brian Michael Bendis spilled the beans on some upcoming Marvel projects. One that was revealed was a series called Secret Warriors, debuting in January and coming out of the pages of Secret Invasion. It will focus on that team Fury has put together (which originated in the pages of Bendis's Mighty Avengers--no relation to the real Avengers, Steed and Mrs. Peel!), and presumably (going by the awesome Lenil Francis Yu image accompanying the story) Nick himself. That's cool. It's high time for Nick Fury to make a full return to the regular Marvel Universe! (His other self has been quite active in the Ultimate one.)

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