Jun 10, 2008

Random Intelligence Dispatches For June 10, 2008

A couple of spyish tidbits from AICN today...

Transporter 3 Teaser

First, they point the way to a great Transporter 3 teaser trailer. In short, it looks awesome!

Prisoner Remake News

Second, they link to a rumor from Six of One claiming that the Prisoner TV remake is back on, due to start filming this August in Namibia and South Africa. They say that Jim Caviezel will play Number 6, and Ian McKellen will play Number 2. I assume that McKellen would be only one of several Number 2s, following the original show's formula, but perhaps not. This is, after all, billed as a "radical reinvention." While McKellen's involvement would definitely be cool, I can't get too excited about the idea of Jim Caviezel stepping into Patrick McGoohan's shoes. And, for now, I'll take the whole story with a big grain of salt, since last I'd heard, the TV remake was called off. None of this has any bearing on the Christopher Nolan bigscreen remake, which is a separate project altogether.

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