Jun 17, 2008

New Spy DVDs Out This Week

Burn Notice

This week's essential spy purchase is Fox's Burn Notice - Season One. It's great to have a fun, hour-long spy show on TV again, especially one that isn't mired in seasons' and seasons' worth of dense continuity, as Alias became in its final days. Read my whole review of this DVD set below.

The Nude Bomb

Max Smart's first movie--when he was still embodied by Don Adams--hits this week courtesy of Universal. The titular weapon in The Nude Bomb poses a threat to render the entire world naked, a threat only Maxwell Smart can thwart. Sadly, Barbara Feldon is absent, as are all other supporters from the TV series, but Sylvia Kristel is on hand for sex appeal.

Hawaii Five-O: The Fourth Season

And one more from last week.. Hawaii Five-O Season 4 doesn't feature as many espionage episodes as the last season, but the annual Wo Fat appearance makes up for that with a two-parter, "The Ninety Second War." The nefarious Red Chinese agent sets up McGarrett (Dr. No's Jack Lord) to take a fall while he trots out that favorite spy chestnut, the deadly double!

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