Dec 3, 2010

Roger Moore Covers The Beatles

So have you ever wanted to see Roger Moore sing The Beatles' "Let It Be" with Huey Lewis, Dee Snider, Bud Spencer, Glenn Close, Jason Alexander, Lou Ferigno, Daryl Hannah, Philip Michael Thomas, The Sandbaggers' Roy Marsden, some members of Milli Vanilli and Carlton from The Fresh Prince (among many, many others) on the beach in Santa Monica?  Oh, and Tonya Harding and Dolph Lundgren? Of course you have!  No, correction: you only thought you did.  Find out why by taking a peek.  Beware, though: you might think that a celebrity cover made as a promo for a Norweigian television show would be fairly short, perhaps even truncated.  It isn't.  Instead, it's the longest version of "Let it Be" ever.  Yahoo's Amplifier blog identifies the version the celebrities are lip-syncing to as the "Ferry Aid" version from 1987 featuring singers like Paul McCartney, Kate Bush, and Boy George. Moore, however, is unique in this clip because he's clearly doing his own "singing." (Henry Higgins style.) Enjoy!(?)

(Thanks, Josh!)


Delmo said...

I'm glad Roger does his thing, then is gone. And how old is this clip that they have Peter Falk in it? He's currently suffering from Alzheimer's so he's not making any appearances.

Tanner said...

I think they taped the segments individually when the various celebrities were guests on the show. This promo's for the fourth season, so it could have been as far back as three years ago, assuming they only do one season a year. Must have taken them a while to assemble this whole thing! And while the Santa Monica setting is pretty unconvincing, it's actually pretty impressive how well the integrated them overall!