Dec 6, 2010

Tradecraft: Another Sixties-Set Spy Series Gets Greenlit!

Or rather, another Sixties-set series with spy elements, anyway.  I still haven't watched Mad Men (though I've got it on DVD and plan to start very soon!), but I love that its success has paved the way for so many period television shows set in my favorite decade.  We've already heard about an HBO show in the works that will focus on Cold War spies in Berlin; now Deadline reports that Starz has ordered ten episodes of Magic City, a series set in Sixties Miami.  And of course you can't have Sixties Miami, in the immediate wake of Castro's power-seizure in Cuba and leading up to the Bay of Pigs, without spooks, can you?  No.  Series creator Mitch Glazer (who has already written three episodes and plans to pen five more of the initial ten) tells the trade blog, "I love that world and those stories. Miami in the early ‘60s was a tropical crossroads, America’s Casablanca. The Rat Pack, CIA, the mob, JFK and anti-Castro warriors, all hanging out in the same Collins Avenue nightclub."  This sounds awesome!  On the one hand I want it to be Tony Rome: The Series, but honestly I'm sure it will be more interesting with a more realistic approach.  Just as long as it has that Tony Rome style!  Magic City will shoot in Miami early next year and air on Starz in 2012. Among many other credits, Glazer co-wrote the underrated 2003 Colin Farrell spy movie The Recruit.

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I love how you used a photo of Cec Linder as Felix Leiter to illustrate 1960s spies in Miami! Much appreciated, brother.