Dec 7, 2010

Tradecraft: Rick Schroder Meets Jane

Deadline reports that Rick Schroder (Mike Doyle on Season 6 of 24, NYPD Blue) has joined the cast of the Lifetime spy pilot Meet Jane.  He'll play the computer technician husband whose wife, Jane (previously announced Molly Parker) is recruited by the FBI to spy on him.  Schroder's character is suspected of selling secrets to Russia, and her new spy job empowers the timit housewife trapped in an unhappy marriage.  I'm getting really excited about this Breach meets Scarecrow and Mrs. King project!  Especially after seeing Molly Parker on Human Target a few weeks ago.  I'd never seen her in anything before, and watching the episode I was really impressed by the guest star playing Chance's client–the unknowing widow of a man he killed years earlier.  I looked her up only to discover it was the same actress cast in Meet Jane.  She definitely demonstrated the chops to lead a spy show.  I hope this goes to series!

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