Dec 22, 2010

Upcoming Spy CDs: Casino Royale (1967) - Updated!

Here's a surprise! Among their final limited edition releases of 2010, soundtrack specialty label Kritzerland has announced a new version of Burt Bacharach's classic score to the 1967 spoof version of Casino Royale.  Say what you will about the movie, but that score–with famous contributions from Dusty Springfield and Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass–is a masterpiece.  It's been on CD before, from Varese Sarabande (twice, in fact), but never sounding quite the way it did on its original LP, which has long been sought after by audiophiles. Kritzerland has gone out of their way to re-create that sound as closely as possible. (Read about their whole process on the company's website.) This release contains the entire album, meticulously restored and remastered and presented in film order for the first time ever, along with several bonus tracks–including the end title vocals ("James Bond is here!"). On top of that, it also includes the whole "Original LP Presentation," transferred directly from the LP. Here's what Kritzerland says about that:
But one of the main reasons for doing this third CD release was to offer as a bonus a straight transfer of that original record – done from several pristine copies of the LP – so that the original sound, with no additional processing or EQ, is captured on CD for the very first time. We leave it for others to judge whether that sound holds up for today’s listeners. Given what happened to the master tape, this is as close to that original LP sound as we’re ever going to get.
Casino Royale is currently available for pre-order from Kritzerland's website for $19.99. The edition is strictly limited to 1000 units, and it will sell out. (That Billion Dollar Brain CD they put out last year was already gone when I got around to trying to order it a month or so later.) So hurry!

UPDATE: Jason points out below that this disc has already sold out through Kritzerland. Man, that was fast! (Glad I ordered right away!) But it looks like it can still be pre-ordered on BuySoundtrax (where the amazing, amazing, amazing must-have Hammer score Dracula AD 1972 is currently on sale for $14.95!) and Screen Archives Entertainment. So you're not out of options yet! But I'd act fast at either of those sites if you want to be assured a copy.
Thanks to Neil for the original heads-up on this!


Anonymous said...

One of the top five "groovy" sixties soundtracks!

Jason Whiton said...

Cool news! I will re-post. I'm especially intrigued by a direct from LP transfer. It will be fun to compare fidelity. I'm a big fan of companies like Mosaic, MFSL, and Bear Family who specialize in audiophile releases. Maybe these guys will prove to be the soundtrack-equivalent.
-Jason (Spy Vibe)

Jason Whiton said...

looks like it's sold out already on their website. I have an email in to see if they are taking any additional orders.
-Jason (Spy Vibe)

Tanner said...

Oh no! Sold out already? I'm sorry, Jason. Man, that was fast! You should try Screen Archives Entertainment or BuySoundtrax; they might still have copies in stock (or available for pre-order, anyway) even if the label is out.

Agent Triple P, you've got me curious! What would be your other four? What's New Pussycat seems like an obvious choice, and the spy fan in me leans quickly toward Modesty Blaise. Hammerhead might well be a contender, too. But getting away from spies... The Knack and How To Get It? Does Help! count? The Pink Panther? It was a great decade for groovy scores...

Jason Whiton said...

I put in an order at Screen Archives. Hopefully they will have stock- psyched to hear an updated mastering.
Thanks for the tip!
-Jason (Spy Vibe)