Feb 28, 2012

It Takes A Thief Box Set Drops to a Reasonable Price

It Takes a Thief: The Complete Series has finally dropped down to a somewhat reasonable price for what you get on Amazon: right now it's just $72.49 for all three seasons of the 1968-70 Robert Wagner spy show. The show itself would easily be worth the usual Amazon asking price of $98.99 (if maybe not the SRP of $199.99) were any effort put into the DVD release. But unfortunately eOne Entertainment's release was far from satisfying. They crammed a few cheap, stupid trinkets that surely nobody wants (like coasters) into an annoyingly chunky, disappointingly flimsy oversize box, and hoped that those things would distract fans from the appalling video quality on the third season episodes. (Season One looks great, though.) Were these seasons released individually for under $30 each, like Image's latest I Spy sets, I would have no complaints. But with a list price of $200, I definitely expected more. (You can read more of my complaints here.) Today's price is more in line with the quality you get. It actually amounts to less than $25 per season, and that's certainly fair. Because It Takes A Thief is, after all, a highly entertaining series that belongs in the library of every Sixties spy fan! So if you've been holding off... now's your chance to finally catch Alexander Mundy.

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