Feb 26, 2012

Missing Hits ABC in March

ABC's Missing (written by Greg Poirier) was my favorite script of last year's network spy pilots (much better, for instance, than Fox's Exit Strategy, which didn't get picked up), and now, nearly a year later, it's finally headed for our television screens! Yes, its ex-CIA agent tearing apart Europe to find her missing son premise is essentially "Taken with a lady," but (at the script stage, anyway) it makes the most of that premise. And, in my opinion, we could do a lot worst than weekly doses of Taken-with-a-lady shot on location in Europe! I'm hoping Ashley Judd and the production team pull this off... and the spots that ABC has been running lately certainly make it look like they have. (I saw a pretty cool ad before a movie recently, too.) This spot is kind of weird (perhaps it was designed for a trade show?), but once you get past Judd's introduction and into the footage, it gives you a good sense of the sort of action in store for us.

Missing premieres on ABC on Thursday, March 15 at 9/8c. 

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