Aug 24, 2013

Bond Fans Should Definitely See The World's End

Rosamund Pike (who first garnered international attention in Die Another Day) isn't the only James Bond luminary to appear in Edgar Wright's new film The World's End. There's another major Bond star in the film whose presence has been successfully kept a secret throughout the marketing campaign. Now the star is listed on IMDb* (and he or she is credited in the film) and probably mentioned in a lot of reviews, but since Wright and Co. seemed intent on keeping this person's presence in the film a secret, I won't spoil it here. I must admit, it was a fantastic surprise to see this star unexpectedly pop up in the movie! And it's quite an excellent movie, a fitting conclusion to Wright's "Three Colors Cornetto" thematic trilogy with Simon Pegg (Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol) and Nick Frost. (Bond fans will no doubt recall that Timothy Dalton made a memorable impression in the second movie, Hot Fuzz.) Go see it! You won't be disappointed.

*UPDATE: Or you can check out this piece at USA Today, in which the surprise is explicitly reported and Wright discusses it and why it was a surprise and Bond at large. If you've seen the movie, then it's well worth reading!

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