Aug 15, 2013

Tradecraft: Darren Aronofsky Mulls Spy Movie Red Sparrow

Let me go on the record as saying I would love to see a Darren Aronofsky spy movie! There's a chance that could happen. According to Deadline, the Black Swan and Requiem For a Dream director is in talks to direct Red Sparrow for Fox. The studio purchased the new novel by former CIA agent Jason Matthews after winning a bidding war in April, prior to its publication. Red Sparrow tells the story of Dominika Egorova, a "sparrow," or trained seductress, working for Russian intelligence in present-day, Putin-controlled Moscow. She's assigned to ensnare CIA wunderkind Nathaniel Nash, the man running America's top mole inside Putin's government. Allegiances shift, moles are uncovered on both sides, and, I'm guessing here, a deadly cat and mouse game probably ensues. That's usually how these things go, and you know I wouldn't have it any other way! I've actually got this book in my stack, and hope to read it soon. When the news broke about its sale to Fox, I immediately thought it sounded like a great vehicle for Olga Kurylenko. I'd love to see that, though should Aronofsky come aboard I suppose it's a definite possibility he might want to re-team with his Oscar-winning Black Swan star, Natalie Portman.


Le Samourai said...

I really hope this happens. Aronofsky is a great director. I'm still a bit bummed that he was passed over for the Batman reboot and Wolverine sequel.

Tanner said...

I agree. Mangold did an OK job with Wolverine, but I couldn't help be disappointed imagining what Aronofsky might have done. I was SO excited for that movie when he was attached, and then dropped down to disinterest afterwards.