Aug 25, 2013

Watch a Russian Army Choir Cover Adele's "Skyfall" Tune

This has to be seen to be believed! MI6 (the James Bond fansite, not the spy agency) discovered this astounding video from a recent St. Petersburg morning show of a male Russian army choir performing the theme from Skyfall. Wearing the same sorts of uniforms that they wear to exchange gunfire with 007 in Octopussy and The Living Daylights and GoldenEye no less. Who could have imagined such a bizarre sight as a Russian military choir covering a James Bond theme song thirty years ago? It's not merely notable for its bizarreness, though; they actually do quite a good job! (Though I think that crazy Brazilian cover of "Live and Let Die" performed on toy instruments is still my favorite strange Bond song cover video.)


Silent Hunter said...

Not quite the same uniforms; the Russians altered theirs drastically in 2008, but still a very cool video.

Thanks for sharing.

David Morefield said...

Though he's obviously not an English speaker, he still enunciates more clearly than Adele.

That said, although still relatively new, Skyfall is already shaping up to be one of the most-covered Bond songs, and so far every version has had something going for it. It's easily the best Bond song in decades.

Tanner said...

Good point. It's a good measure of a song's quality how well it can be covered. The person I REALLY want to hear cover it is Shirley Baseey! I wonder if that will ever happen?

For me, I think Skyfall is tied with You Know My Name for the best Bond song in decades. I really love that one! Particularly since Arnold integrates it so well into the movie's score. And TWINE was a good song too. But Adele's song is unquestionably quite fantastic.