Sep 14, 2007

Haggis Progresses On Bond 22

Paul Haggis spoke at a screening of his new movie, In the Valley of Elah, in Los Angeles last night. He didn't reveal any details about his script for Bond 22 other than to say that he's up to page 30. So apparently the first act of the new Bond is done or nearly done! When the moderator asked if it was intimidating to write Casino Royale, seeing how there was a lot of pressure with the Bond franchise to always make them bigger and better, Haggis honestly said "No. Bond was just fun. Every other project has been intimidating in some sense, but Bond is just fun to write.", meanwhile, reports that call sheets for Bond 22 have gone out seeking "a Latina actress in her late twenties, preferably with South American roots" for a Bond Girl role in the movie. Head on over there for more details...
(Thanks to T-Bone for the Haggis report.)

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