Sep 27, 2007

Tradecraft For Thursday, September 27, 2007

Robert Redford Spies Again

According to Variety, Robert Redford will direct an adaptation of former U.S. terrorism czar Richard Clarke's scathing memoir, Against All Enemies. The trade says "Jamie Vanderbilt penned the screenplay, which centers on Clarke, the counterterrorism adviser to three presidents, who charged in his book that the Bush administration prioritized Iraq above threats from Al Qaeda both before and after the Sept. 11 attacks." Casino Royale/Bond 22 co-writer Paul Haggis was at one point attached to this project.

New Bond Cinematographer

The Hollywood Reporter slips this nugget of information into an article about Bond 22 director Marc Forster's new film, The Kite Runner: Forster's frequent collaborator, director of photography Roberto Schaefer, will shoot the next Bond movie. The trade says this: "Schaefer is teaming with Forster again on the next film in the James Bond franchise. The cinematographer is location scouting for the tentatively titled Bond 22, for which shooting is being planned in the U.K., South America and Italy. Production is scheduled to begin on or around Dec. 10." Schaefer has shot all of Forster's features since Monster's Ball, including Finding Neverland and last year's Stranger Than Fiction, as well as Christopher Guest's For Your Consideration. Nothing on his filmography suggests he's ready to shoot 007, but hopefully a fruitful collaboration with Dan Bradley will result in a good-looking action film. Phil Meheux shot Casino Royale and GoldenEye, David Tattersall shot Die Another Day and Adrian Biddle lensed The World Is Not Enough.

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