Sep 10, 2007

Upcoming Spy DVDs

Sony has finally re-announced the long-awaited Hudson Hawk special edition for November 20, according to DVDActive. That's right, I said "long-awaited!" By me anyway. Surely someone else out there has been waiting too, right? Because the movie (while far from perfect) frankly wasn't the disaster it's made out to be. It was silly and it was pretty funny. In middle school, I loved it. I caught it recently on TV and I thought it still held up pretty well. Of most interest for spy fans, it contains a terrific performance by Our Man Flint himself, James Coburn, as a tough-guy CIA mastermind. The special edition will feature deleted scenes, featurettes with Bruce Willis and Sandra Bernhard, and a commentary with director Michael Lehman. The disc had originally been announced for last year as a "15th Anniversary Edition," and that's the artwork pictured. Presumably they'll change it, but you never know...

Meanwhile, has revealed the cover art for Mystery Science Theater Vol. 12, and (in a break with tradition), it contains actual poster art for Secret Agent Super Dragon. That set is due Oct. 30.

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Rogue Spy 007 said...

Hudson Hawk isn't the awful disaster that it's made out to be. I loved this movie growing up. This would be great to have then.