Dec 5, 2008

Clive Spies Twice

Boy, Clive Owen sure is making the most of not being James Bond! He's cornered the market on non-Bond British spy roles. Looks like we've got not one but two cool Owen spy projects to keep our eyes on in 2009! Yahoo has a brand new trailer up for The International (the Tom Tykwer thriller with Bourne potential that I've been excited about for quite some time) as well as the first one I've seen for Duplicity--and that looks pretty awesome as well. Owen plays a former MI6 man gone corporate, reteaming with his Closer co-star Julia Roberts as his ex-CIA counterpart in what looks to be a glamorous, comedic industrial espionage caper from Bourne writer (and Michael Clayton writer/director) Tony Gilroy first reported on back in April.


Delmo said...

Clive was my choice for Bond #6. I hope one of these films is a success-his career could use a boost.

Tanner said...

Yeah, he was my pick, too, and I still think he would have done a great job--but I'm not complaining, either. I think Craig is fantastic.

I, too, hope Owen can have a hit! Duplicity looks like it has a good shot.