Dec 30, 2008

Ipcress On Blu-Ray

Reader Kees Stam, keeper of the web's definitive Harry Palmer site, has alerted me to a crucial DVD release I missed before Christmas: The Ipcress File has been released on Blu-Ray in Great Britain! This is great news for videophiles. Who wouldn't want to own what's arguably one of the best looking spy movies of the Sixties (boasting truly ingenious widescreen composition) in the best looking format on the market? This is a PAL disc, but supposedly all-region. (I confess, I'm not quite sure myself how regions work on Blu-Ray.) Sadly, none of the fabulous extras from Network's DVD release (or Anchor Bay's long out-of-print Region 1 disc) are carried over, so even if you buy the Blu-Ray for the ultimate in picture quality, you'll need to hang onto your old copies for supplemental features. Right now, has the Ipcress Blu-Ray for half price!


Delmo said...

I've only seen the film once but the photo used for the Blu-Ray cover does not look like it's from the film. Am I right?

night person said...

I just ordered this!