Feb 16, 2010

I Love You, Joe Walker

Reader Mark has left a comment alerting us to the fact that Gino Mainuzzi Jr.'s score for Kommissar X: Operazione Tre Gatti Gialli (better known to the English speaking world as Death is Nimble, Death is Quick) has been issued on CD by Columbia Japan (catalog number VQCD-10128).  It's available to order from CDBANQ and CDJapan. You can even listen to generous 45-second samples of all nineteen tracks at the latter site! (Try tracks 17 and 4.)  Great as this soundtrack sounds, though, it apparently doesn't include the ubiquitous and catchy theme song "I Love You, Joe Walker."  So let's hope this is the just beginning of a whole series of Kommissar X soundtrack releases!  The Kommissar X movies are among the best (and sleaziest) of the Eurospy genre.  They all have great scores, and I, for one, would buy every one of them.

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Lee Goldberg said...

There is an instrumental version of the "I Love You, Joe Walker" song in track 7.

Anonymous said...

The Angelina Monti vocal released on Ariola is avialible here: