Feb 12, 2007

Tiffany Memorandum DVD Update

Dorado Films have updated their website with a new blog entry on the progress of their upcoming Eurospy DVDs. They've checked their prints for the Ken Clark films Tiffany Memorandum and Fuller Report, and found a lot of scenes to be missing. They're hoping to track down some complete prints from labs around the world, saving them the trouble of painstakingly re-inserting the missing elements (all of which they do, happily, possess). If they can't locate an uncut original negative, they'll be forced to assemble one themselves and presumably that will take more time. There is no timeframe either way indicated in their update.

I certainly hope that they're able to find a full print and proceed quickly, but I'm willing to wait if they need to take time with their own restoration. All of the Dorado Eurospy titles so far have been well worth the wait, especially the excellent Special Mission Lady Chaplin, which they released last year after a number of unforseeable delays.

They seem to be in the midst of a complete overhaul of their website, and are updating more often, so it's worth stopping by if you haven't visited in a while. For one thing, they now have a must-see "trailers" section with previews for movies they haven't yet released, including the wild spy/superhero hybrid The Fantastic Argoman. You've gotta check that one out!

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