Mar 28, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum Trailer

Finally! I was just wondering when we were going to see a trailer for the latest Jason Bourne movie, seeing as it comes out this summer, when AICN gives the heads-up today that it's now available on Yahoo UK. The movie looks pretty good, although (not surprisingly) it also looks like it has nothing at all whatsoever in common with Robert Ludlum's book of the same name. Neither did The Bourne Supremacy, and even The Bourne Identity pretty much only took the book's concept and a couple of its characters. I've really enjoyed this cycle of Bourne films (especially Supremacy), but I also loved those books when I was a kid, and I still dream of one day seeing filmed versions which do them justice. (Preferably period pieces set in the last decade of the Cold War... Hey, I can dream, right?) The Richard Chamberlain mini-series version of Identity at least got the first half right, only to make it all the more jarring when it went so off course in the second part. The Damon movies may be less faithfull, but they also make better viewing.

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